Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Australia Links

After M initiated our study of ANZAC Day a lot of discussion arose about Australia and Australian history. It had me thinking on my feet - and quick too - as I hadn't anticipated this and was so curious to see where it led us.

Have I mentioned before how grateful I am to all those who have created and shared such amazing resources? While I hope my albums arrive from storage back home this week, I am in awe of how many resources there are online for me to access and refer to.

Here is my little list of some of the resources we have used so far:

We  started off with our study of ANZAC Day with resources from this post from Our Worldwide Classroom. Little Rogue enjoyed the colouring pages and I was surprised (and pleased) that M asked for the copy work.

Suzie's Home Education Idea's has a great printable Australian History Timeline. Both Lucy and M made good use of these and were prompted onto further research.

To round out the history timeline we used these cards from A Moment In Our World, which were perfect for Lucy.

I printed out our Australian States & Territories 3 part cards from Elementary Observations. These were great for Little Rogue who wanted to join in with the discussion. You can also find a booklet at the same post which gives a brief historical outline of each state.

We also used Suzie's State and Territory fact sheet templates for recording information when researching the states.

I created a series of natural landmark cards a while back as well as some cultural icon cards, which you can find at my photobucket. M had fun researching how far away each of the landmarks are from us in kilometres and planned out a route to visit each one on a map.

The cultural icon cards I made (found in the same location) because the few that I found online did not feel like a true reflection or there were minor errors. The picture of the Southern Cross prompted a few nights of star gazing, but the constellation cards I put out after along with an astronomy book barely got any attention. I will leave this for another time.

And look at me getting all technological - I have a Pinterest board with all these resources and more!

Follow Andrea's board Australia on Pinterest.

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