Friday, 8 May 2015

Second Great Story

We are all starting to settle into a good routine. I'm still not taking any photo's of our work as it proves to be a distraction. While Lucy is ok with me sharing, the other two are not so much (Little Rogue really not understanding anyway).

As we are settling into a good routine and I have been able to observe and assess where each of the children are at for myself, I am feeling more comfortable with what I am doing and where we are heading in general with our temporary home-school situation.

This week I was able to share the second Great Lesson with Lucy and M. Lucy has had the presentation before at her Montessori school back home, but it was M's first time and he was quite taken with it.

I downloaded the timeline of life from Discovery Moments. What an amazing resource to share!

I used Miss Barbara's page to draft my lesson, as my albums are still in storage (hopefully not for too much longer - but how fortunate are we that they are so many generous souls out there that share their work).

Another fabulous resource is Pinegreenwoods which we have been using in our follow up work. Lucy isn't particularly interested and is working on other things, but M is loving it!

I have also made some trilobite three part cards using resources from Fossils, Facts and Finds. They also have some other activities available for free.

I also made some three part cards to go with the Cambrian Safari Toob. You can download MY FILE if you are interested. These I made partly because Little Rogue was very interested in the Toob and is a little curious about M's work, and also because M is really enjoying this work.

It has been a great week, we have experienced a real explosion of work and a real rhythm developing amongst us as we settle into our routine.

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